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Caulking Stix for All Your Caulking Needs

Have you ever experienced the messiness of caulking when trying to seal joints/seals.
We have great news - our Caulking Stix will make caulking easy and enjoyable so you never again have to experience sticky fingers. Whether you need it for Wiping, Smoothing or for a Corner job, our Caulking Stix will enable you with …

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We know that trying to find the perfect product at an decent rate can be exhausting, so to make your life easier, we've planned our pricing system to ensure that you're getting the most competitive prices around. We keep an eye on the market for any spike or decrease in the cost of a product so that we can make …


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Useful Info


Available Products

Available Products

Caulking Stix

The Caulking Stix is a tool for applying caulk and adhesives to surfaces. It takes the mess out of the messy tedious job of caulking. You …

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